Maui Now Gradual Tanning Milk
Maui Now Gradual Tanning Milk

Maui Now Gradual Tanning Milk

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Our Gradual Tanning Milk is the solution to an effortless tan without the sun. We’ve created a dual-action formula which is designed to restore hydration in the skin whilst you develop a bronzed glow throughout the day (or night).
Apply in under ten minutes in the comfort of your own home and see results in just one application.  Our Gradual Tanning Milk gives you complete control over your tan, allowing you to build your colour by applying daily or simply exfoliating if you wish to remove your tan.  It’s the low commitment solution to glowing skin.
We’ve developed this formula for a natural-looking, bronzed glow, without a hint of orange. Through a combination of ultra-hydrating ingredients which ensure consistency when applied to the skin, you no longer need to worry about a streaky tan.  Unlike other self-tans, our Gradual Tanning Milk will not transfer onto clothes or fabric, allowing you to use daily without worry. 

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